Program 8th Congress of the Société d’Etudes Samaritaines



Sunday, 15th July 2012

3 pm

Opening of the conference bureau for registration

6 pm

Opening of the conference and opening lecture:

Kartveit, Magnar (Stavanger): The Samaritan Concept of God




Monday, 16th July 2012


‒ Samaritan Aramaic: Language and Literature ‒

8:30‒10 am

Bonnard, Christophe (Strasbourg): The place of the Language of Asfår Asātīr in the Evolution of Samaritan Aramaic

Tarshina, Alina (Halle): Morphological identity of active and passive participles in Samaritan Aramaic



10:30‒12:45 am

Stadel, Christian (Leiden): Samaritan Aramaic phraseology or marks of individual style? On some expressions occurring in the poems of Amram and Marqe and in Tibat Marqe

Ford, Simon (Oxford): “And Your Brother Aaron Shall be Your Prophet:” Priesthood and Prophecy in Late Antique Samaritan Exegesis

‒ Samaritan Arabic texts ‒

Weigelt, Frank (Berlin): Die Werke des Arztes Śadaqa b. Munağğā (12.Jh.)



2:30‒4 pm

Schwarb, Gregor (Berlin): Abū l-Hasan al-Sūrī’s Kitāb fī bāb al-qibla and its Qaraite refutation al-Naqd ʿalā l-Sāmira

Wedel, Gerhard (Berlin): Samaritaner und ihre Genealogien



4:30‒6:45 pm

‒ Samaritan amulets ‒

Berger-Lober, Simone (Leipzig): Samaritan amulets and their wearers reconsidered

Pummer, Reinhard (Ottawa): Bronze Pendants, Rings and Bracelets with Samaritan  Writing from the Byzantine Period: Religious Jewelry or Amulets?

‒ Samaritan ethnography ‒

Urien, Fanny (Paris): Marriages and transmission in the samaritan community




Tuesday, 17th July 2012

8:30‒10 am

‒ The text of the Samaritan Torah ‒

Moriya, Akio (Tokio): Intentional/unintentional, logical/illogical, or important/unimportant: Which term(s) would be appropriate to characterize the Samaritan Pentateuch?

Rebrik, Viktor (St. Petersburg/Tübingen): Correspondences between the Samaritan Tora and the Septuagint in the book of Exodus



10:30‒12:45 am

Schorch, Stefan (Halle): A new editio magna of the Samaritan Torah

Tal, Abraham (Tel Aviv): The Samaritan Pentateuch ‒ Traditions in Collision

Tsedaka, Benyamim (Holon): Changes in research attitude towards the History of the Israelite People and the Israelite Samaritan version of the Pentateuch



2:30‒4 pm

Zsengellér, József (Budapest): The Canon of Scripture and the Samaritans

‒ Samaritan epigraphy ‒

Israel, Felice (Genova): Samaritan script and Semitic epigraphy



4:30‒6 pm

Book presentation: Jan Dušek, The inscriptions from Mount Gerizim (2012)

Mizrahi, Noam: Review of Jan Dušek, The inscriptions from Mount Gerizim

Dušek, Jan (Prague): The inscriptions from Mount Gerizim ‒ reaction to Noam Mizrahi’s review




Wednesday, 18th July 2012

8:30‒10 am

‒ The Samaritans in Jewish and Early Christian Literature ‒

Bourgel, Jonathan (Tel Aviv): “On both sides of the borderline:” The portrayal of the Samaritans in the Third Gospel

Lehnardt, Andreas (Mainz): “A Cuthean came and challenged Rabbi Meir” - Dialogues with Samaritans in Amoraic Midrashim



10:30‒12:45 am

Reiterer, Friedrich (Salzburg): Samaritanische Elemente im Buch Judit

Van der Horst, Pieter (Utrecht): The Origins of the Samaritans according to the Paralipomena Jeremiae

‒ The Samaritans in Biblical traditions ‒

Funke, Tobias (Leipzig): Phinehas and Samaria: New aspects in the current debate about Pentateuch/Hexateuch formation



2‒7 pm





Thursday, 19th July 2012

9‒12 am

General assembly of the Société d’Études Samaritaines



2‒3:30 pm

Böhme, Martina (Hamburg): 2Kön 17,24-41: Geschichte und Textgeschichte. Ein Streiflicht: V. 33f

Hjelm, Ingrid (Copenhagen): Concepts of Exile and Return in Samaritan and Jewish Literature



4‒6:15 pm

Knoppers, Gary N. (Penn State U.): Archenemies, Allies, or Affiliates? Samarians and Judeans in the Early Persian Period

Serandour, Arnaud (Paris): Pluralistic Yahwism in the 5th through 2nd century and the sources of the Pentateuch

Thompson, Thomas L. (Copenhagen): Reiterative Narratives of Exile and Return: Virtual Memories of Abraham in the Persian and Hellenistic Periods



7 pm

Public evening lecture: “Die Samaritaner in Geschichte und Gegenwart” (“Kleine Synagoge” Erfurt)




Friday, 20th July 2012

8:30‒10:30 am

Closing discussion

Erfurt / Germany, July 15‒20, 2012)





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